I'm so thankful for the people who asked me to capture their families this fall. Some were old friends who are taking me along for the ride while their families grow, and some were new. I loved spending time with you all.

Most people come into photo shoots with at least a little bit of stress - I've learned that about .5% of clients are on time, but this is ok! I learned this about you guys long ago :) Moms are often stressed out about someone's mood or getting the "one shot" they need for the Christmas card where the kids are all smiling (real smiles) at the camera.. but this is almost always attainable (pretty fast actually). The thing I'm starting to learn is that the beauty of photography is in the spots in between. Working to capture the little moments. It's not always a point - smile - open the shutter kind of process. Life is more beautiful than that. 

So here are some of my in betweens from the last couple of months.. they're my favorites.