So today marks a whole MONTH since my sister and I took off on a little mini getaway to our mountains for a week.

****click here for wanderlust vibes*****

It was a grand adventure that included:

  • the Denver Airport (my love affair with airports continues..)
  • garden of the gods
  • kissing giraffes
  • sleeping in a teepee (with electricity - don't you worry) (sunrises were the beeeeest)
  • a concert at red rocks (one of best ever yes you need to go)
  • driving up pikes peak (BEAUTIFUL)
  • and plenty of hiking, mountain sunrises and sunsets and interior crying about how much I wanted to just stay forever.

Shout out to a wonderful friend for hosting us and cramming as much adventure into the week as he possibly could. Andre, you're a fabulous human being. 

This trip really made me realize even more how much our human souls crave getaways. How much we crave newness and escape to places we're not familiar with. There is so much freedom there. Sometimes we really do need to just get a little lost. 

These escapes are wonderful and teach us so much, but we can't wait until we book our tickets and our bank account sighs a little bit to let our spirits be set free. When a woman once asked Saint John Paul II if he ever got any free time (this man prayed numerous hours a day, traveled debatably more than any other human ever, and got an average of about 4-5 hours of sleep every night) he replied, "All of my time is free time!" 

All of our time is free time. We weren't created to be these busy bodies running frantically from one thing to another trying to prove our worth. The Creator has given us the gift of every day and all He wants for us is contentment in it. Our holy has NEVER wanted anything but your complete happiness, my friend. So stop for a moment. Don't run from your problems, but let your soul rest in the newness that is every day.  There is always freedom!

xx Samantha