I'm almost a month late, but I wanted to do one of these.. for no other reason than just because.

So here are 20 things I like to think I've learned in my 20.0684 years...

1. All talent is gift. Not yours to keep, but to share with the world. Remember this.

2. You know you care about something when you want to get better at it. Tread carefully when you find people who are better than you at what you love, because inspiration can easily turn to envy. Know you are where you are meant to be.

3. All suffering has meaning. Whether it's you or someone else, strive for kindness and compassion in these moments.

4. Getting up early to catch the sunrise is always always worth it.

5. Watch children and the fearless way they communicate and create. Learn from them.

6. Smoothies and tea instead of ice cream or coffee. Just.. yes.

7. Don't be afraid to rearrange things in public to make for a better photo.

8. Take the long way home to watch the sunset or a storm roll in. 

9. When you feel lost or lonely, love on the people around you as much as you can.

10. If you feel like listening to that song on repeat for days and days, do it. You'll stumble across it years later and it will bring you back to how the air around you felt for those couple days or weeks and you will cry with nostalgia. Maybe this is just me. 

11. Go to movies by yourself.

12. If you aren't in love with something in the store, FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING DON'T BUY IT.

13. Take time to smile at your cashier. Working retail is not a walk in the park.

14. Everyone needs to drive a clunker at least once in their life. It teaches you many things, humility especially.

15. Learn how to successfully keep plants alive. Get your hands dirty often.

16. DRINK WATER. This is my one cure-all. It's pretty much the only liquid I consume most days.

17. Learn how to pack light.

18. Keep a journal. Don't just write in it on days when you're feeling lost or inspired, but on the ordinary ones too.

19. When traveling, don't worry about blending in or sticking out. Just do you and enjoy where you are.

20. Make sure you have more than a couple minutes every day when you're not doing anything but simply being. If you feel restless, start with simply just feeling your breath. You are alive and this moment is yours to live in and life is simple. "The present is the point at which time touches eternity." -C.S. Lewis