"When I behold the glory of God: my problems are just problems and not the end of me. Nothing is the final sentence on us but His glorious grace.

When I behold the glory of God: people are just people and not receptacles to squeeze validation, nor standards to please. I can simply cherish them. 

When I behold the glory of God: I can accurately estimate the little length of time I’ve been given on earth, and move by His pulse. No wait is too long, no work is unsung."

This trip was so wonderful. We flew out to the coast, picked up our rental car (I thought she seemed like a Sheryl), made our way to the beautiful Santa Monica Pier, and then through the fabulous LA traffic to the family we were staying with. We were there for a week and spent quite a bit of our time hiking and exploring, which we all preferred to our days in the city. The Hollywood sign was small, the Sequoia trees were ginormous, and the coast was gorgeous. 10/10 would highly recommend! California is seriously the most photogenic place I've ever encountered...