I spent this entire fall wondering why humans are in love with this time of year so much.

We love that the leaves are changing, that we have to start wearing more layers, that the temperature is just right on the comfortable side of chilly, and that we can finally order our pumpkin spice lattes...  (I've actually only ordered one of these once and it just tasted like COFFEE, people) but I digress..

In my thoughts and prayers about this, I've come to the conclusion that the human spirit is called to fall because it is called to rest. 

Around the end of September after the craziness of summer, the trees start to look tanned and tired just like us. And then after the most beautiful annual crescendo, their grand finale is right around the beginning of November. The trees drift off to sleep. 

We were made for the new beginnings of spring, and the excitement of summer, and the quiet renewal of winter, but we were also made for recollection and unwinding. It's important to have the time that calls us to the seventh day. That calls us to the rest. To remember that even though Creation is glorious and majestic and intricate, we are always being called to do nothing but praise the Maker. This calls us to allow ourselves to be completely taken over by gratitude. Gratitude is the only thing I've ever found to solve all of my problems simultaneously.  

"From dawn to dusk, we're waking up.
Tomorrow's freedom is today's surrender.
We come before you, lay our burdens down."
- All Sons & Daughters

In the middle of a retreat over the weekend, I woke up with the sun and ran outside when I saw the golden light bouncing off the new frost. Autumn is saying her last goodbyes and even that is crazy beautiful..

here's a tune for ya.