Hello, lovely people! Welcome to my world. I'm a 22-year-old girl who spends time chasing after the sunset, being distracted by the light filtering through the trees (or funny baby or talking husky videos in my facebook feed), drinking lots of mint tea, and dreaming of the mountains from where I live in Nebraska.. and I have a habit of recording memories as they pass by.

Stories are what inspire me the most in life. I strive to find them and capture them, in the moment just as they are. There's nothing like a beautiful moment caught in time forever, and we're all surrounded by them every day. My biggest inspiration in life is living for my Creator and capturing this crazy beautiful world he created.

I enjoy all things woodsy, airy, free, and simple. I'm spending my life adventuring around with my best friend - we just got married in May 2017 and are expecting a little babe February 2018!

Here's me with my crazy famjam.. I'm forever thankful for them. 

So that's me! I got involved in this crazy thing called photography because I love experiencing YOUR story and helping you to preserve it.  

If you have an inquiry for something that is not included in the tabs above (couples, families, seniors) - feel free to contact me at

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